Houston Press 8/21/12
When I asked our friends on the Rocks Off Facebook wall who they thought were the greatest heavy metal bands in Texas music history, the response was larger than I thought it would be. I assumed five of you would say Pantera, deadhorse and King’s X and go back to sleep, but no.
You stepped up and got into the discussion, and reminding everyone of bands that may have been forgotten. The power of the metal hive mind. Sounds like an Iron Maiden song, right? (read more)
Houston Press 8/7/2012
An interesting experiment happened in Houston over the weekend. Before Houston’s top performers of 2012 took over ten downtown venues Sunday for the Houston Press Music Awards showcase extravaganza, a bunch of their counterparts from 1992 had their own thing going on across town. (read more)
Austin Chronicle 11/11/11
Doomriders Friday on the Black stage careened with reckless abandon into Fun Fun Fun Fest and Transmission Entertainment’s refreshing belief in metal as indie-hip. Front-and-center-man Nate Newton, whose day jobs include bass in Boston stranglers Converge, screamed guitar and vox like Dave Grohl’s rabid little bro on 1970s rock adrenalized by death, thrash, and hardcore trappings now two albums in. (read more)
Metalhit.com 1/9/12
Welcome to the new era of the metal underground. There are quite a few labels clawing their way out of the grave these days. In the underground, it is crucial the keep the quality of the releases top notch, and have that old school feel to what the music represents. It is also important to reach out to the digital age, on your OWN terms. It is a reality, that, if you want to run a successful label, you have to have the best of both worlds so to speak. (read more) 
Houston Press 10/24/11
A wish many Houston music fans barely even dared to think to themselves, let alone utter out loud, came to pass when deadhorse returned from oblivion to face a nearly sold-out, wildly enthusiastic Warehouse Live crowd Saturday night. (read more)
Blistering.com 7/10/11 
Houston crossover act Dead Horse weren’t exactly a huge successwhile they were active, but in the 15 years since the band parted ways, the group’s legacy has endured throughout the years to the point where the band is now more popular and revered than they ever were when they were active.(read more)
Rivethead Magazine 11/12
History often lends itself to legend, and the thin line between fact and lore becomes a little blurry over the years. But, what if you could validate the myths by plugging them right back into the original source? What you discover might just… kick your ass! (read more)
Backstabbath 1/20/2012
Back in the early late 80s/early 90s if you were a patron of metal/hardcore shows just about anywhere in Texas chances are that alongside D.R.I.’s ubiquitous skanker dude and any shirt with a Slayer logo on it, you we’re probably just as likely to see some mullet-headed thrasher adorned in a shirt with dead horse’s “death ride” logo or their classic “Farm Road 666″ design.(read more)