Horsecore: An Unrelated Story That’s Time Consuming
Hailed as the quintessential recording from Houston’s Deadhorse. Originally released in 1989 on their own Death Ride Records, this 16 song debut album has remained one of the strongest crossover thrash albums to come out of Texas.Re-released by Relapse Records in 1999 with 6 extra demo songs. Horsecore, a Texas tradition of deadhorse cross-over thrash music that embodies the principles of speed, groove and power blasts that still ride on after 23 years.

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Peaceful Death and Pretty Flowers
deadhorse’s major label release in 1991 on Big Chief / Metal Blade Records is the largest release from deadhorse.Re-released in 1999 by Relapse Records, Peaceful Death and Pretty Flowers contained 13 songs originally with 4 more added on to the Relapse edition.Digital download

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Originally released in 1996 with Sound Virus Records “Boil(ing)” has7 powerful songs from the transitional state that lead deadhorse out of the 90s haze into the light with tight and masterful horsecore style writing again. Re-released on Vinyl in 2011 by Abyss Records there is no denying deadhorse has beating heart. (Also available for Download)
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12″ Vinyl reissue $15.00

Loaded Gun
New Loaded Gun Digi Pc
Released July 4th 2014 with 4 New songs
* A Loaded Gun * Let Me Drink [Explicit] * A Death of Nothing * Train Ride *
9 Live songs from the Making a deadhorse LIVE “DVD”
* Bewah * World War Whatever * Forgive * Cod Piece Face *Eulogy *
* Peaceful Death * One Nation * Reach Around * My Dog the Prophet
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Digipack CD $8.50

Day of the deadhorse
This 2 CD Anthology reissues all of deadhorse original work from “Horsecore: An Unrelated Story that’s Time Consuming”, “Peaceful Death and Pretty Flowers” and the “Feed Me” E.P. This offer also contains songs from the “Death Rides a deadhorse” and 90 Demos as well as a few extras from way back in the day! Packaged with all new art by Jon Zig and an array of photos.

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Loaded Gun

This collection on New, Old and Obscure songs from the 1996 Boil(ing) era have been Re-Mixed and Re-Mastered with Re-recorded vocals by Michael Argo. The Edition also contains the Original Boil(ing) recordings with the addition of the 1995 BOIL demo songs that were never officially released to the public. Hard boiled 3 ways this Digi-pack is repackaged with additional Art by Danny McMahon along with new and old photos. 

Digital download available Nov 18th


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