Horsecore: An Unrelated Story that’s Time Consuming is hailed as the quintessential recording from Houston’s Deadhorse. Originally released in 1989 on their own Death Ride Records, this 16 song debut album has remained one of the strongest crossover thrash albums to come out of Texas. 

Re-released by Relapse Records in 1999 with 6 extra demo songs. Horsecore, a Texas tradition of deadhorse cross-over thrash music that embodies the principles of speed, groove and power blasts that still ride on after 23 years.

Track listing
Murder Song
Born Believing
Crashing Of The Irate
World War Whatever
Army Surplus
Piece of Veal
Mindless Zombies
Adult Book Store
Flowers For The Dead
Too Close To Home
Scottish Hell
Army Surplus
World War Whatever
Born Believing
Scottish Hell

Peaceful Death and Pretty Flowers: deadhorse’s major label release in 1991 on Big Chief / Metal Blade Records is the largest release from deadhorse.

Re-released in 1999 by Relapse Records, Peaceful Death
and Pretty Flowers contained 13 songs originally with 4 more added on to the Relapse edition.

Track Listing
Cod Piece Face
La La Song
Like Asrielle
The Latent Stage
Peaceful Death
The Lark Nest
Medulla Oblongata
Rock Lobster
Every God for Himself 
Medulla Oblongata 
Waiting for the Sun 
BOIL(ing) 12″ LP Originally released in 1996 with Sound Virus Records “Boil(ing)” has7 powerful songs from the transitional state that lead deadhorse out of the 90s haze into the light with tight and masterful horsecore style writing again. Re-released on Vinyl in 2011 by Abyss Records there is no denying deadhorse has beating heart. (Also available for Download)

Track listing
One Nation
What a Beautiful Day
Reach Around
My Apology
Eaten by the Grey
My Dog the Prophet

Purchase Includes:
1-Clear transparent Vinyl 12″ with Red & Black Splatter on 180 Gram Vinyl for thick and WARM tones!
1 – 18″ X 24″ Black and White Multi-Picture Poster
1 – 11″ x 17″ Wizard Poster by Vance Kelly
2 – Large stickers from Craig Holloway
1 – deadhorse Skull & X bone 4″ Circle Sticker
1 – Free Digital Download card
1 – 12″ x 12″ Band Photo with Lyrics on Reverse

Making a deadhorse LIVE! was released in November
2012.This high quality multi-camera DVD contains 15 songs with pro-audio recoded live in Houston Texas in October 2011. Additional features and footage from their resurrection in 2010-2012 from the Austin FFF Festival, Ft. Worth Texas and the When We Ruled H-Town DVD debut complete this 3 hour amazing DVD. The DVD features the debut of Argo, the last deadhorse vocal master. This DIY DVD drives home the fact deadhorse has risen!

Track Listing
1. Cod Piece Face
2. Turn
3. World War Whatever
4. Forgive
5. My Dog the Prophet
6. One Nation
7. Like Asrielle
8. Reach Around
9. Eulogy
10. Peaceful Death
11. Murder Song
12. Bewah
13. Medulla Oblongata
14. La La Song
15. Adult Book Store
16. Scottish Hell
17. Sub-Humanity
18. Someone