The Head
In April 2011 the final version of deadhorse emerged back from the depths of despair, with vocalist Michael Argo taking the reins. Rehearsing for months, deadhorse was able to get back in the saddle and on the stage, in the light, warming up the carcass. The sold out reunion show in Houston Texas, October 2011 was recoded with multi cameras and on 24 track digital media. Critics declared that deadhorse is back, tight, raw and mean as all hell! After the Re-issue of the “Boil(ing)” EP on vinyl deadhorse soon released a full length DVD titles “Making a deadhorse LIVE!” which chronicled the resurrection of deadhorse.
The Tail
deadhorse originally formed in 1987 in a garage South of Houston in Pasadena Texas. In 1988 deadhorse released their historic 1st demo, “Death Rides a Deadhorse”, and started aggressively touring through the south. In 1989 “Horsecore: An Unrelated Story that’s Time Consuming” wasreleased and then followed by the Metal Blade release of “Peaceful Death and Pretty Flowers” in 1991. Years of touring produced a road hardened band who after the release of the 1994 “Feed Me” demo had a drastic change in leadership and members. For a brief time reforming with founding members (Plus Scott Sevall minus M. Haaga) the band released one more furious work “Boil(ing)” in 1996 before lying dormant for 15 years.
The Body 
After Several Spring and Fall tours through 2012 and 2013, July 4th 2014 deadhorse released their 1st new recordings in near 18 years. The Loaded Gun Digi-pac was released and has passed the smell test of old and new fans alike. In Spring 2015 you will find deadhorse in the studio again to begin work on the next deadhorse release tentatively slated for release in May 2015. 

Greg Martin, Scott Sevall, Allen Price, Michael Argo, Ronny Guyote